A model wears silver earrings and a silver ring as she holds a bouquet of white roses

The Silver Jewelry Trend Is Back and Better Than Ever

Move over, gold—it’s time for sterling to shine.

Not to knock gold—it will forever be part of our core rotation—but silver jewelry is having a major moment and there’s lots to be excited about. Bold, bright, and distinctly modern, sterling silver earrings, rings, and necklaces add a futuristic quality to any ensemble. And if this season’s runways are any indication, silver jewelry is about to be everywhere. Designers like Brandon Maxwell, Philip Lim, and Gabriela Hearst used silver accessories to great effect in their Spring/Summer 2024 collections, showing statement earrings and stunning chain necklaces that lent their looks a high-shine finish. And who could forget the Bottega Veneta drop earrings that foreshadowed it all? Not us!

Of course, it’s impossible to discuss the rebirth of the silver jewelry trend without talking about jewelry designers like AGMES, Annika Inez, Kloto, and CLED. Their genius is in the sculptural details that make their pieces more like wearable art, and this, in turn, makes getting dressed much more fun. There’s something incredible about the way a pair of unique earrings or a waveform bangle can take a look from mundane to ultra-modern. Plus, silver tends to be less expensive than gold, making it the ideal medium for experimentation. 

Searching for the perfect silver jewelry to transform your everyday style? We’ve got you covered. Shop our current favorites, ahead.

A model wears silver earrings and two silver cuff bracelets by AGMES

Silver Statement Earrings

Bringing silver into your wardrobe may seem daunting if you’ve gotten used to wearing gold, but a pair of statement earrings provides the perfect entry point. The best options take the form of unexpected items found IRL, like the twisted AGMES Daphne Hoops that mimic the curvature of your ear and voluminous drops that recall late-summer rain. Annika Inez does this particularly well with her crinkled Grand Cravat design, which gracefully toes the line between polished and undone.

A model holding a newspaper shows off two silver cuff bracelets and a silver ring by AGMES

Bold Silver Bracelets  

Few items can match the impact of a bold silver bracelet. We love the Jean and Astrid cuffs by New York-based brand AGMES, which has won our hearts with its experimental yet wearable pieces. We’re also very into the slightly more subtle (yet no less stylish) chain bracelets by Kloto and EMBLM, both of which feature just a hint of gold.  

A model stands with her arms crossed wearing three silver bracelets and silver earrings

High-Shine Silver Necklaces

It’s true: these aren’t the silver necklaces of the 90s—although that decade’s trends will never get old. Where basic chains and pendants used to rule the day, bold and unexpected shapes like AGMES' Gertrude Necklace and Small Sculpted Heart Pendant have entered the chat, and they’d feel at home in any art gallery. We suggest layering necklaces of different lengths, like CLED's Climbing Chain Necklace and Kloto's Link Necklace to magnify their avant-garde appeal.

Sculptural Silver Rings

Speaking of art, the new class of silver trendy rings are much more than accessories; they’re wearable sculptures. Try not to spark a conversation when wearing Annika Inez’s Grand Cravat Ring or contemplate your reflection in the gleaming curves of the Synergy Ring by AGMES. Pair these bold designs with minimalist pieces that complement their whimsy, like CLED’s Prism Ring, which features a customizable “eco-gem” made from recycled glass, or Kloto's elegant Bond Ring. Form, meet function.

A model wears sunglasses, silver earrings, and a silver bracelet

Your Questions, Answered

Can you wear gold and silver jewelry together?

Absolutely! We believe that metals are made to be mixed. Even better are pieces that incorporate both silver and gold, which allows you to use them as a stylish go-between. Kloto’s silver and gold jewelry provides a perfect example.

Is silver considered fine jewelry? 

It all comes down to the level of craftsmanship and detail, like whether a piece includes a precious or semi-precious gemstone. That said, silver is a solid investment because it lasts—as long as you care for your jewelry and keep it polished, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

How to clean silver jewelry:

Cleaning silver jewelry is quick and easy. Just mix a little bit of dish soap with warm water and let your jewelry sit in the solution for about five minutes. Then, use a soft toothbrush or a microfiber cloth to gently scrub away tarnish. Rinse your jewelry in warm water and dry it with a soft cloth. You can also use a polishing cloth to clean your jewelry, but you may want to follow the steps above afterward to ensure a bright, shiny finish.