Our Selection

At Present curates distinctive jewelry with a point of view. While there is a lot of jewelry available in the world, it’s surprisingly hard to find original, exciting work that speaks to your individuality. We make it our full time job to find the very best design from both emerging and established artists. This is the place to discover the unique pieces that speak to you.

Our Standards

Jewelry often helps us mark the most important moments in our lives, symbolizes our deepest commitments, and amplifies our personal style. To be worthy of these moments, we commit to only sharing jewelry of the highest design value crafted from enduring materials.

We reject the traditional definition of “fine jewelry.” We know that great design can equally come from transforming a humble piece of clay into a work of art or coaxing beauty from the most rare materials on earth.

Nonetheless our site has strict standards around authenticity. We subscribe to the idea that you should own who you are…and so should your jewelry.

Our Impact

The craftspeople, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs who choose to create their own jewelry do it out of love and passion. It’s not an easy business. We absolutely live for jewelry, but we also very intentionally founded our company to further support the creative economy. We are proud to empower primarily woman owned small businesses and reward those brave entrepreneurs who took a chance on themselves.

Our Purpose

We called our company At Present because we believe deeply in the importance of celebrating where you are right now. The present isn’t perfect. But it never is and that is part of its beauty. Life is not about singular moments or impossibly high places, it’s about the journey and stopping to mark your own victories.

For us, jewelry isn’t about transactional expectations of gifting and wanting, prescribed social milestones, or limited to status signaling. At Present aims to subvert these historic, outdated codes and craft new ones defined by the authentic, the confident, and the personal.

It’s about jewelry with stories and the people behind it. It’s about the confidence to own your life and embrace all its complexity. Jewelry is a talisman of who you are and who you want to be. Wear your story out loud.

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