How to Layer Necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces

There's no denying that wearing layered necklaces around your neck gives you a boost of confidence and makes you feel like you're on top of your fashion game.

The textures, lengths, colors, and designs are limitless! There are numerous ways to mix and match up your layering necklaces. The important thing is to achieve a final result that appears effortless, almost as if it took you seconds to put together.

Styling your necklaces like a pro is not an easy task, but don't worry because we have the best tips to get you started and improve your stacking game! From the weights and materials of the necklaces to be used together to accomplish this feat, to the best outfits to wear with your final combination.

1. Determine Your Style Goals

Start with your intentions. What kind of look do you want? Do you want your necklaces to exude personality or sophistication?

You'll have an easier time selecting the right necklaces for the job once you know what you're trying to achieve with your accessories.

It's fine if you don't have a specific style in mind. Experimentation is sometimes the best part of wearing jewelry and can result in a stunning new look!

2. Choose the Right Necklace Lengths

The key to pulling off layering necklaces is to play with necklace lengths. Most notably, make sure to mix short necklaces with long ones. When you wear that short and long necklace combination, you not only look great, but you also avoid the possibility of the chains becoming a tangled mess!

You can also layer more than two necklaces; there are no hard and fast rules for layering necklaces. To accomplish this, vary the necklace lengths for a cascading effect. You give each necklace breathing room by varying the lengths. Each has its own dedicated space, allowing them to collaborate as a group.

3. How Many Chains Should You Use?

If you're hesitant to venture into necklace layering, it's fine to start simple. Wear two necklaces at the same time and gradually increase your number of necklaces. Layering fewer necklaces is easier, especially for beginners.

You get a better sense of your personal layering style as you gain confidence and experience. Eventually, you know exactly how you want to layer your necklaces the next time you decide to do so. 

4. Choose Your Favorite Style

Neckline Choice

When selecting your necklaces, keep the neckline of your outfit in mind. It serves as the backdrop for necklace layering. If the neckline doesn't match the type of layers you have in mind, the perfect look can be ruined.

When in doubt, choose a plunging or high neckline. This way, the layering of your necklaces will not be interfered with by your blouse's neckline. Furthermore, choosing a dark monotone color will highlight gold or silver pieces even more.

Pick a Centerpiece

When layering necklaces, choose a single necklace to be the focal point of your layered necklace masterpiece. This gives you a starting point for assembling the rest of the ensemble.

The centerpiece can be as ornate as a pearl necklace or as simple as a birthstone pendant necklace. Whatever you decide, make sure that all of the other necklaces complement the main attraction. You don't want all of your necklaces to compete with each other, or it can look too busy!

Select Simplicity

There's no such thing as going overboard with minimalist jewelry. The ideal minimalist chic look is composed of very delicate and simple designs brought together to create an easy-to-love and sleek overall appearance.

To complete your look, add a pop of color and texture with a stone or charm. You can easily express yourself by including a trendy personalized item that represents your personality. Ariel Gordon’s Diamond Dust Necklace, for example, is known for enhancing intuition and femininity.


5. Outfit Ideas for Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces provide incredible versatility to any outfit type, whether dressy, casual, or both.

  • Add a layered necklace and a leather or denim jacket to your casual ensemble for a Spring night out!
  • Going out during the cooler months? Pair a relaxed and warm cardigan or knitted sweater with delicate, dainty pendant necklaces of varying lengths. Goals for comfort and style!
  • If you prefer something a little more sophisticated and modern, try looking in the direction of an elegant and simple lucky-charm layered necklace.

6. Layered Necklace Pro Tip!

When layering necklaces, a great tip is to use different chains. This means chains made of different materials or styles. One could be a snake chain, one a box, and the other a beaded chain or even a rope chain. Wearing different types of chains adds extra pizzazz to a potential masterpiece, not to mention the tangly mess you'll save yourself from!

Conclusion: Experiment and Explore!

The opportunity for personal expression is one of the many reasons why this approach to styling is popular right now. When you learn how to layer necklaces like a style icon, you open the door to countless new styles and outfits that will never bore you!

Layering necklaces allows you to enjoy your jewelry collection a lot more, reuse old ones, and even bring vintage finds to the party on your neck! Experiment with your accessories to make a beautiful statement.

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