‘90s Jewelry Trends: 7 Trends That Are Back In Style

‘90s Jewelry Trends: 7 Trends That Are Back In Style

They’re back. The pre-Y2K trends that give nostalgia mixed with our now older, more refined palates.

‘90s Jewelry Trends Are Back

They’re back. The pre-Y2K trends that give nostalgia mixed with our now older, more refined palates.‘90s-inspired design took fashion weeks by storm with lines featuring slip dresses, bomber jackets, and cargo pants, just to name a few. We're here for the resurgence of these grunge-era trends—especially when it comes to jewelry. We've rounded up our favorite modern pieces inspired by the ‘90s.

Our Favorite ‘90s Jewelry Trends

The ‘90s were a time of bold and eclectic jewelry trends. Our personal favorites like choker necklaces, bangle bracelets, and hoop earrings make stunning statements, and arm cuffs, gemstone pendants, and anklets are dainty but daring. Here are the top trends to try out in 2023.


Choker Necklaces

Tattoos and piercings became part of the ‘90s mainstream aesthetic, leaving those a little less adventurous with accessories like the choker to rival the permanence of ink. But not all chokers brought hardcore vibes: styles ranged from ornate brooch embellishments to rows of leather or strings of shells, as mastered in these designs by Anita Berisha, Annika Inez, and AGMES.

Teen dream Drew Barrymore perfectly balanced the sweet with the edgy by mixing a black velvet choker adorned with a dainty charm. Princess Diana, who personified everything effortless and elegant about ‘90s fashion, leaned on the sweet side of things with a collection of multi-strand pearl chokers, some with drool-worthy gemstones we’re left to dream about (and trust us, we will). 

Chokers remain the ultimate cool girl accessory, and pieces like the Diamond Star Choker are proof that they still have the power to send your confidence into the next galaxy. And unlike other daunting trends created only for the inherently cool, these are really easy to pull off. 

a oval image of a gold heart necklace on a women next to an oval image of just the gold heart necklace.

Gemstone Pendants

Thank you, chokers, for reminding us that bold necklaces are in their comeback era. Singular, statement necklaces and chunky jewels are taking center stage. One of our most coveted examples of this are Gemstone Pendants. 

The unique colors and patterns of gemstones are an organic way to remind ourselves of the world’s natural beauty, even when it gets ugly.

The Heart of Gold Necklace was inspired by childhood nostalgia. This stand-out from Notte—along with the full collection of all things whimsy—features natural black onyx and black obsidian beads surrounding a thick gold-plated heart that will stand the test of time and trends.

a oval image of lucid earrings next to an oval image of lucid earrings on an ear.

Hoop Earrings

(W)hoop there it is! And (whoop) here we are talking about one of the most versatile players on our roster. Hoop earrings have been a style staple since long before the bigger-the-better styles of the 1990s. 

Thanks to inspo from Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and countless other icons, we’ve experienced a renewed interest in hoops of all kinds. Hoops can be glamorous and diamond covered or simple and subtle to match any occasion or lack thereof. 

Current styles like these Lucid Hoops break the metal mold. They’re created from glass-like recycled resin, set with incandescent cubic zirconia stones, and finished with 18k gold-plated sterling silver posts to grab attention in the best kind of way.

a oval image of a women with a butterfly necklace next to a oval image of a butterfly necklace 

Anklets and Butterflies

Throw it back to the simpler times of the ‘90s with an accessory that screams “free spirit”: the anklet. A simple chain design or one with colorful beads and charms shows love to the too-often overlooked canvas that is our ankles and ups your shoe game with a little something spicy resting above. 

Another design element invoking the feeling of freedom from the ‘90s until now is the butterfly. James Banks’ dynamically beautiful collection is inspired by various butterfly species from around the world, providing a delicate nod to flapping wings and gentle journeys. 

The bohemian hint that butterflies and anklets add to any outfit is especially welcomed in the warmer months when they’ve got a glowy canvas to rest on. 

a oval image with a gold cuff next to a oval image of gold cuff on an arm.

The Arm Cuff

Show off those gorgeous limbs with versatile, bold, nostalgic cuffs that stack to create an arm party you don’t want to miss. Arm cuffs pay homage to ancient times—like, actually ancient, though the ‘90s may seem like they fall under that category. 

From Egyptian queens to Mayan kings, arm cuffs were worn to signify social rank and power. We saw these styles reintroduced by bada*s ladies like Wonder Women and ‘90s queen Xena, and they’re back to give us the confidence boost we all need to be the superhero of our own lives. 

Cuffs may not actually give us superpowers, but an accessory like the bold beauties from AGMES that promise to give us a reason to feel like a Grecian goddess is pretty much just as good. 

a oval image of three necklaces on a sweater next to an oval image of a mama necklace.

Name Necklaces

Moniker-focused jewelry originated as an expression of pride and individuality in the Hip Hop world and made its way to the small screen with Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. 

Whether you like to align your look with SJP or you aspire to dabble in the slightly more edgy, name necklace styles from gothic to diamond encrusted will match your ideal aesthetic. 

Longevity is key when it comes to investment pieces—and there’s almost nothing more lasting than your name. Or the name of someone you love. Wear yours proudly and keep others close to your heart with designs like the Name It Necklace.

a oval image of cuff bracelets on a hand next to an oval image of a blue cuff.

Bangle Bracelets

We’re closing out the trends with a bang(le). The resurgence of chunky bangle bracelets is adding a new dimension to the stackable wrist party trend. With their statement-making size and often retro-inspired designs, bangles are a nostalgic way to embrace maximalist ‘90s jewelry with little fuss. 

From resin and acrylic to metal and enamel, there are endless options to mix and match or stun with one. Open our jewelry boxes and you’ll see the Pool Jade Stone Bangle. This icy blue quartzite with delicate silky veins will transport you immediately to an infinity pool in Bali. 

Trends are cyclical, and we’re excited for the excuse to turn up the grunge and layer on the color with looks like these leading the ’90s redux.