Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Timeless Treasures

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Timeless Treasures

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Mother's Day is quickly approaching, which inevitably leads mothers and mother figures everywhere to ask “will they remember?” They better. It's important to keep in mind that regardless of whether or not you wake up to a little black box, you don't need anyone else in order to feel empowered to celebrate your journey through motherhood, no matter what stage you are in. 

We recognize that the journey is not always easy or even close to linear. Whether you have children or family to share the day with, you’re beginning your IVF journey, are moving through child loss, considering adoption, or any other form of motherhood, we want to celebrate with you and reinforce the acknowledgement you so deserve every step of the way.

Mother's Day is a time to honor all the mothers, in all their forms, who have touched our lives and made a difference. From customizable pendant necklaces to bracelets encrusted with dazzling diamonds, here’s our team’s list of gems that younger generations will eventually be fawning over until you're ready to pass them down. Although we wouldn't blame you if you never want to. 

It doesn’t get much more classic than a tennis necklace. Its versatility has the power to keep your look fresh and elegant from the carpool line to a poolside soiree. This 3.25ct design from our exclusive At Present collection is 16 inches long—perfect for layering or dazzling on its own. 

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Personalize your layered look with the monogram-ready Gold Diamond Signature Necklace, made of 14-karat yellow gold, or (and?) the Name it Necklace, which lets you spell out your love for your loved ones or maybe even a fun name plate for yourself (you deserve it). Some favorites we’ve seen are “mama,” “love,” and “lucky,” but any customization of up to six letters will allow you to wear your heart on your chest.

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Get personal in a different way by incorporating birthstones into your collection. Birthstones date back to biblical times, but the modern interpretation associates one type of stone to each month of the year. Add an Astral Birthstone Charm to a favorite chain as an homage to little ones and loved ones, or choose the Petite Revival Necklace to celebrate family, friendship, or personal milestones.   

a image of an astral birthstone necklace on orange background

Honor your kids, the people who raised you, or anyone (or thing) you love by carrying them with you everywhere you go. Literally. The Devon Woodhill Small Diamond Trefoil Pillow Locket is photo-ready and adorned by their signature motif: the trefoil, which allows light to pour into the wearer and create a window into oneself that is both grounding and uplifting. Just send us the photo you’d like to use and keep the loves of your life close by at all times. 

a image of a trefoli pillow locket on a blue background

If your wrist could use a little love, the Believe Bracelet could be just the ticket to honor those you hold dear and carry a little protection for your own heart. The Love Amulet symbolizes faithfulness, love, purity, innocence, and relationships. It brings together playful enamel with a sleek white diamond border. 

a image of a believe bracelet on an orange background

You deserve to soak up the sparkle that you share with the world. This Mother’s Day, put yourself at the top of your shopping list—or drop some not-so-subtle hints—to ensure you feel honored every day.

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