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James Banks Design

James Banks Design's creations manifest through the conversations and envisions of designers Heidi Nahser Fink and Adam Shulman. Through initial discussion, pieces are dreamt of, invented, designed and then methodically brought to life.

Every piece is handmade in Northern California.

The creations, which can include such metals as various karat golds, platinum, palladium, silver, copper, bronze, nickel, shibuichi, and shakudo, are all hand finished using a hand burring technique we developed to give the final finish a rich handcrafted look.



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Baby Asterope Studs

Sale price$1,064

Goliath Butterfly Ring

Sale price$7,711

Large Asterope Necklace

Sale price$3,300

Baby Monarch Necklace

Sale price$1,150
Best Seller

Chocolate Albatross Necklace

Sale price$1,265

Tiny Asterope Studs

Sale price$1,225

Monarch Studs

Sale price$1,247

White Buckeye Necklace

Sale price$2,548

Mini Padlock, Mother of Pearl

Sale priceFrom $2,600

Mini Padlock, Onyx

Sale priceFrom $2,600

Mini Padlock, Turquoise

Sale priceFrom $3,160

Mini Padlock, Malachite

Sale priceFrom $3,800

Large Code Padlock

Sale priceFrom $10,800

Mini Padlock, Lapis

Sale priceFrom $2,600

Code Padlock

Sale price$8,600

Codette Bracelet

Sale price$9,800
Best Seller

Chocolate Albatross Necklace

Sale price$2,096

Tiny Baby Asterope Stud

Sale priceFrom $547

Love Lock Bracelet

Sale price$6,800

Tiny Baby Necklace

Sale price$695

Codette Minor

Sale price$1,500

Diamond Needle Bracelet

Sale price$3,640

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