Ace the Look: Tennis Bracelets and Necklaces

Ace the Look: Tennis Bracelets and Necklaces

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Tennis bracelets (and their longer necklace counterparts) are versatile and elegant. A string of continuous diamonds of equal size with little metal showing in between each stone, they’re a simple way to add a little sparkle and spice to even the blandest days.

We have the legendary tennis player Chris Evert to thank for embodying this luxurious spin on athletics—athluxury, if you will—and her decision to sport an unconventionally ~flashy~ diamond bracelet during the 1978 US Open. 

The choice was uncommon to start with, since most players donned sweatbands on their wrists to wipe away a different kind of sparkle. Then her bracelet really made waves when the clasp broke and caused a pause in play. 

Evert referred to the show-stopping accessory as her “tennis bracelet,”  and forever changed the way we wear fine jewelry in the everyday—even the days when the only audience we have is our own thoughts, not a stadium of spectators.

Evert wasn’t the first person to embrace a string of diamonds, though she pioneered the idea of wearing one even if the forecast called for sweat (and we love that, go off queen).

Around the 1920s, when life was roaring and parties were elaborate, women wore diamond bracelets with their fanciest dresses for supremely special occasions. Today, you should rock these stones with your sweats to make every day feel like a party.

Unlike some more risky trends that could be in and out in a flash, the timelessness of the style makes tennis bracelets and necklaces a safe and worthwhile investment. And perhaps the best part is you don’t have to know a thing about tennis to absolutely ace these looks.

When we wanted to play in this arena (see what we did there?), we knew we wanted something classic and high quality but didn’t break the bank; the platonic ideal of the tennis bracelet if you will. 

Most of the tennis bracelets you see are designed to maximize carat weight for the lowest cost. We’ve been in everyone’s store and tried on countless tennis bracelets. Most feel flimsy and don’t sparkle. We wouldn’t buy them. We wanted something that felt substantial and durable and showcased beautiful natural diamonds. As is often the case when you want something just so, we had to make our own.

The result? The At Present Collection: the bracelets and necklaces we wanted to buy for ourselves (and then did).The most wearable place to start is the Classic 1 ct Tennis Bracelet—which can stand elegantly on its own or stacked on a full wrist of favorite bracelets and bangles. 

If you’re feeling a little more frisky, the Bezel 2.4ct Tennis Bracelet and necklace have a more modern setting to create a bolder splash of shimmer and shine. 

Want to take it to the next level? Try a split-color design or a full-color design like this one, featuring pink sapphires, set in rose gold.

Single or stacked, you’ll live in these looks, because that’s exactly what they’re designed for during the tennis bracelet’s biggest moment ever.

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