How To Wear a Jade Bangle

How To Wear a Jade Bangle

How To Wear a Jade Bangle

If you have ever tried on a friends too small ring you know the feeling of sheer panic you get when it feels extra tight and impossible to remove. You might even find yourself running for the dish soap or lotion to desperately try and take the ill fitting piece of jewelry off. There is a common misconception in the jewelry world that Jade Bangle Bracelets will cause the same sense of chaos when trying to take on or off. Wrong! It actually couldn’t be easier or more stylish to wear a Jade bangle. The seree Jade Stone Bangles are the perfect example of a sleek and stylish bangle that you'll want to wear over and over again. Allow us to be your official Bangle guide on all things fit, style and application!

What is Jade and why is it special?

Jade is a beautiful and ancient stone that has been around for years. With an array of color selections seree’s Jade Bangles give this timeless stone a modern twist and are a stunning addition to your wrist stack. Each piece is made from natural quartzite and is hand carved and polished. Due to the care and detail used when making these pieces, each is unique and will vary slightly in color and texture.          

How do I know my size?

First things first you’ll need to figure out which size bangle is right for you. Unlike most bracelets, Jade bangles are not meant to bend over your hand and can feel rigid when putting on. The key is finding the size that fits over your hand, while still being small enough to stay put on your wrist. According to designer seree, the appropriate way to measure yourself for a bangle is to measure the width of your palm from pinky to pointer in millimeters (sorry thumb). Based on those measurements, you can choose from sizes ranging from XS-L.



Depending on how you want to wear your bangle, you can choose between a tight or loose bangle size. Medium is a popular choice to start with and you can always size up or down from there.

How do I get my Bangle on and off easily?

If you choose a tighter style bangle and are intimidated by how to get it on your wrist without it getting stuck midway we have the perfect solution. Start off by applying lotion or soapy water to the back of your hand. Make sure to not forget those knuckles! Your bangle should slide on with ease. For all day wear we recommend a tight bangle.  

How do I style a Bangle?

The real answer is you can style a bangle any way you want!  It’s the perfect accessory to add a pop of color to an already elaborate outfit, or stack your wrist with multiple bangles in different colors or sizes to add some flare to your casual jeans and t-shirt. Our stylists recommend playing with different sizes and colors when you stack. Start off with the larger sizes ending with your smallest size for a sleek and chic look.