A Gift Guide for the Hard-to-Please

A Gift Guide for the Hard-to-Please

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Every year as the holidays come around, we can all relate to having that one person on our list who is incredibly difficult to shop for. Whether they ‘already have everything’ or are a discerning recipient who always insists on a surprise, finding the ‘perfect gift’ can be a chore. Is your gift-giving anxiety kicking into high gear? We have you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a scroll through dazzling jewels that are sure to delight everyone on your list (including you). 

Annika Inez Small Heart Necklace Silver

1. Silver Heart Necklace

Silver is having a moment in a big way. A contemporary statement necklace makes the ideal gift for the fashion maven in your life. You really can’t go wrong with anything from Annika Inez.

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Horizon Mini Thread Earrings

2. Horizon Mini Thread Earrings

A chic, understated earring with the perfect amount of bling. We love the minimalistic aesthetic from Labulgara combined with unexpected structural elements. Discover the Brooklyn based brand.

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3. Chocolate Albatross Necklace

Take on the butterfly trend in an effortlessly cool way. Our team is loving the migration collection by James Banks Design. Each butterfly is a replica of a species from around the world, each with unique markings mimicked in rose, white, and yellow gold. A true piece of wearable art.

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Pamela Love Pavé Huggie Hoops

4. Pavé Huggie

Stacking is here to stay, especially in the form of the popular ear stack. 2022 has been the year of the curated ear and we love that. The Pavé Huggie by Pamela Love is a great staple piece for those just starting the piercing journey or those who are starting to run out of canvas (we see you, and we are envious).

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Small Northstar Locket


5. Small North Star Locket

If you are looking for a little ~sentimental something~, we have the piece for you. Devon Woodhill’s line of lockets is not one to miss. Work with Laurel our Head of Styling, to place bespoke images inside the locket to make it extra special. This is a gift that will surely bring tears of joy as it is opened and more importantly, as it is worn over the years.

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Bar Hug Earrings 

6. Bar Hug Earrings

When buying for the conscious shoppers in your life, it’s doubly important to ensure your gift is mindfully crafted. Certified Green by the state of California, Melissa Joy Manning is committed to ethical production practices. These little hoops are made to hug your earlobes just right. Equal parts edgy and dainty, the Bar Hugs will be their new favorite piece for any occasion.

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7. Light Collection Charms

Faceted to catch and reflect light, this line of charms adds the perfect punch to your neck stack. Designed and produced in California, Kimberly Doyle charms are truly as unique as the wearer. Pro tip: add in the The Perfect Round Link Chain to finish off the look.

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Andromeda Stud Earrings

8. Andromeda Stud Earring

There is something extra special about opening a small box on Christmas morning and seeing a glittering pair earrings adorned in diamonds. White/Space levels up the traditional diamond stud by perching two diamonds delicately on a 14 karat gold bar. Sold as singles, the earring can be worn as the perfect addition to a curated ear or as a primary lobe piercing for an elevated everyday look.

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9. The Gold Medium Hollow Hoop

As for hoops, try gifting a classic style in one of the most light-weight and comfortable styles we have ever tried on. A sleek, versatile choice for a night out, errands, or the office.

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10. Pink Tourmaline Ball Chain Necklace 

For the friend with impeccable taste, an up and coming trend to add to her neck stack. The ball chain can transform a neck stack by adding an unexpected texture. Make it playful by selecting a hand-picked pink tourmaline pendant to feature a pop of color to make that neck stack even sweeter. 

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Laurel headshot, Head of Styling

Need gifting advice?

We are here for you. Chat with our head of styling, to get the inside scoop on the perfect gift. Need something extra special and unique? Not sure what piece will perfectly stack with their existing collection? Laurel can help.

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