Creating White/Space Noise

Creating White/Space Noise

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To find inspiration in everything is to also find it in nothing at all—embodied in the negative space of White/Space jewelry. 

With an overarching theme of clean lines and simplicity, White/Space jewelry, crafted outside of Los Angeles, embraces the power of subtlety through modern and minimalist designs that gracefully marry the delicate and the strong.

“That’s kind of where the brand name came from,” explained founder and maker Khadijah Fulton. “‘White space’ for me in art and design is that space that’s intentionally left open to give greater power to the whole design. I wanted the White/Space pieces to let the wearer really shine with a perfect little added touch.”

The name has even further meaning for Fulton and the creative contemplation of her design process that taps into a space of simultaneous calm and stimulation. Drawn to minimalist art and modernist architecture, Fulton’s designs echo masterpieces that bring peace and calm but also great interest. 

a image of a woman with pearl earrings, and pearl necklace

In the midst of a career in fashion, Fulton’s life drastically changed when the journey of motherhood began—a huge transition that Fulton noted is navigated largely internally. 

“You’re really wrestling with how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror, what you see and how different it is, how different you feel, how different your days look. But then you also are reminded of this incredible role that you’re playing in raising a brand new human.”

As a stay-at-home mom, Fulton couldn’t find jewelry pieces that were interesting but also wearable day-to-day. 

“Your hands are always full and you’re always doing things, so I wanted pieces that were easy to wear and could live with me through the day. The designer in me was looking for things that were a little left of center, things that I just couldn’t find.”

During a time when the minimalist jewelry trend hadn’t quite started to take off yet, Fulton took the quest into her own hands and dove into the art of metalsmithing. The customer Fulton was designing for began with herself and her friends: modern women who purchase for themselves and were looking for something minimal but elevated—a direction that influenced both the products and the name of the brand. 

“Because I was the initial customer, I was really designing for me and my life. I was making everything that I wanted to wear.”

By reaching out to her inner circle—women with young children, busy careers, or both, who are strong in their sense of style and also constantly on the move—Fulton learned that they were transitioning into a different phase of life but didn’t have the wardrobe to evolve with them. 

“Navigating that transition really unlocked for me looking around and seeing every woman and every transition that they’re navigating and wanting to make things that help remind them of how amazing that they are and give them joy.”

When Fulton began sharing her designs, the women around her loved how lightweight the pieces were, how easy they were to wear, and how easy they were to layer. By layering single earrings and rings on multiple fingers, each piece combined creates a unique final product that stays exciting with each combination.

White/Space designs provide women with the space to feel uniquely beautiful, and simultaneously echo their inherent uniqueness. Through materials like one-of-a-kind baroque pearls, Fulton draws the comparison to the beauty that exists in the lack of perfection. 

“I’ve struggled with perfectionism for most of my life and the baroque pearls really reminded me how beautiful imperfection is,” Fulton said. No two baroque pearls are the same, and as Fulton handpicks uniquely stunning pearls to create well-suited pairs, she is reminded of how we’re all so different and we have our own magic. 

“We have so much that floats around in our mind because of the societal messages that have been drilled into us for so long about what our worth is—how it’s predominantly physical, or for people who don’t have children, that all they can be is a mom.” 

The question of a woman’s worth has also been at the forefront of Fulton’s mind. The world around us can imply that stereotypical beauty and child rearing are a woman’s greatest contributions. But reality tells us that just isn’t the case.  

“As women we walk around with all these pressures that have nothing to do with who we are and what we can contribute. There’s so many things that are put on us as women that don’t allow us to freely appreciate our worth as human beings and everything that we can bring to the table as individuals.”

Fulton designs with the strength and versatility of women in mind, and is energized by the observation that women are finding spaces to take care of, acknowledge, and do things for themselves to bring happiness. Women are buying the pieces that make them feel sexy for themselves alone. They’re buying pieces that commemorate a special milestone for themselves, and Fulton can’t wait to stick around for that ride.

At the moment, White/Space has been taking on a lot of custom commissions and expanding into the bridal and engagement space. “I’m looking forward to bringing more interesting things into the world that hopefully bring people joy. That’s the mission, that’s what it’s all about.”

Fulton’s current favorites include The Continuity Collection, with a special love for the Bold Continuity Ring, the Sené Ring, and The Mini Cloudbar Earrings. The brand plans to delve into bolder designs influenced by vintage jewelry, but will focus on positivity and wearer confidence no matter where the seasons take them.

a ear with pearl earrings

“When I started I was looking for things for my life that gave me joy when I looked at myself in the mirror, when I looked down at my hand. It gave me a little spark—I want that to be something people have every day. In order for it to be felt every day, it needs to be seen everyday.”

Celebrate the versatility and longevity of White/Space designs and the positivity they foster from within to bring joy to your every day.


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