5 Investment Jewelry Pieces

5 Investment Jewelry Pieces

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If you're seeking fine jewelry that feels contemporary but will last a lifetime, look no further. Our top five fine jewelry must-haves.

The jewels in your collection that you love wearing are meant to be just that—worn. Without fear of falling apart or turning your skin colors that no skin should ever be. And while we love a good trend, we really love longevity.

The pieces you love should last forever, and when you invest in the right ones, they will. A huge benefit of investment pieces like those featured below is that there’s no expiration date. They come with the promise of delivering refinement and a wave of confidence with every close of the clasp. 

1. Diamond Studs

There’s a reason they say diamonds are our best friend. Well, lots of them. Diamond studs, like the Gold Diamond Confetti Studs, are a workhorse that will never ever let you down. They’re a must-have addition to the almost-perfected collection and an obvious place to start building one. Diamond studs are luxurious yet laid back; they go with the flow and fit seamlessly into any outfit anywhere on the formality spectrum.

Why we love this specific earring—it’s an elevated basic that has more design value than a typical prong set diamond stud. The Gold Diamond Confetti Studs are bezel set, one of the hottest settings we are seeing this year and will continue to see going forward.

The Gild The Gold Diamond Confetti Studs

2. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

While we can’t get enough of a simple stud, we also can’t think of any reason you’d want to limit your daily diamonds to one on each ear. Wrap that wrist with 6.5 inches of 2.3 mm diamonds in a Classic Tennis Bracelet, the perfectly versatile companion for every commitment on your calendar all year long. From yoga, to dinner, to formal affairs,  the tennis bracelet is highly adaptable and can be stacked with bangles and other chains, or win admiring gazes all on its own. 

At Present Classic Tennis Bracelet, 3ct

3. Statement Ring

The engagement ring has been usurped on the diamond-front by statement rings that come with zero strings (or wedding plans) attached. Opt for the unexpected combination of 18-karat yellow gold and pave diamonds brought together in a beautifully shaped Petal Wrap Ring to steal hearts, including your own with each glance.

Stacy Nolan Petal Wrap Ring with Half Pave Diamonds

4. Solitaire Diamond Necklace

A timeless diamond necklace? No convincing needed. The Diamond Ball Chain Necklace is a twist on the dainty traditional solitaire diamond pendant, largely because it doesn’t twist at all. 

The design, part of the At Present collection, was painstakingly developed to be the highest quality, including a chain that is stubbornly resistant to tangling while offering ideal dainty elegance. 

It features a beautiful bezel set and round diamond that hangs from a solid yellow gold ball chain for ultimate versatility. Choose between the 16- and 18-inch styles depending on where you want the diamond to fall and if you want to layer it with other chains.

At Present Diamond Ball Chain Necklace

5. Diamond Eternity Hoops

Selfies have taught us the importance of angles, and these Diamond Eternity Hoops took notes. These 18-karat gold stunners are 1 inch in diameter and offer stunning sparkle all the way around, inside and out. Just like you. 

In addition to leveling up your wardrobe and your confidence, investment pieces can appreciate in value overtime, making them pack way more of a punch than simply your daily splash of sparkle. 

Start building your collection with these pieces that streamline your jewelry looks and elevate your every day. With a smaller selection of high-quality options to choose from you might even be able to get out the door faster, but we’re not making any promises on that front.

Stacy Nolan One Inch Diamond Hoops Inside and Out

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