M. Hisae Jewelry

M. Hisae

Michelle Hisae Meronek is the architect behind the remarkable M. Hisae portfolio of jewelry, which is carefully crafted with a commitment to sustainability. Her Japanese and Eastern European heritages imbue every piece; there’s a glorious tension in her designs that represent a dynamic mix of the art and influence from each culture.



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Figure Ring | Gold

Sale price$1,550

Masumi Contour Band

Sale price$600

Mini Narumi Hoops

Sale price$640

San Studs | Gold

Sale priceFrom $240

Silk Ring

Sale price$595

Bela Studs

Sale priceFrom $200

Composition Necklace

Sale priceFrom $610

Sapphire Vestra Necklace

Sale priceFrom $800

White Diamond Kiyo Necklace

Sale priceFrom $960

Petite Pink Risa Ring

Sale price$1,100

White Diamond Bela Studs

Sale priceFrom $350

White Diamond Pebble Studs

Sale priceFrom $250

Plain Petite Pebble Studs

Sale priceFrom $130

Pink Sapphire Pebble Studs

Sale priceFrom $250

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