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Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry

San Clemente, CA

4 results

Jennifer DeMoro’s collection is inspired by California in the 70’s: the arresting artwork, the laid back fashion sensibility, and cool beach lifestyle. Jennifer captures these nostalgic feelings with colored stones that are vibrant and saturated, and reflect the iconic California sunsets. We love the versatility and movement of her double sided pendants that feature warm colored gemstones on one side and cool tones on the other, designed to be playful and bold.
  • Handmade
  • Women-led
Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry
Sunna Edge Huggie Sunna Edge Huggie
4 colors

Sunna Edge Huggie

Sale priceFrom $2,480
Stardust Round Necklace Stardust Round Necklace
2 colors

Stardust Round Necklace

Sale priceFrom $2,080
Stardust Oval Studs Stardust Oval Studs
3 colors

Stardust Oval Studs

Sale priceFrom $3,880
Chroma Illusion Pendant Necklace Chroma Illusion Pendant Necklace