EMBLM Fine Jewelry

EMBLM Fine Jewelry

EMBLM Fine Jewelry was born in 2019 out of Mariko Enkoji-Busch and Emily Landers-Sorensen’s desire to create timeless, distinctive fine jewelry that will turn into the next generation of treasured heirlooms. The designs, while appearing classic on the surface, bring together the iconic and the intimate in an artful dance guided by mindful intention. The collection’s emphasis on the sun and stars is a tribute to the planet and its inhabitants.



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Huggie Latch Earring

Sale price$220

Baby Cosmos Earring

Sale priceFrom $525

Baby Ennead Earring

Sale priceFrom $525

Baby Spur Earring

Sale price$385

Jumbo Ball Bracelet

Sale price$1,475

Jumbo Ball Necklace

Sale price$260

Spur Stud

Sale priceFrom $175

Mini Spur Earring

Sale price$550

Baby Star Earring

Sale priceFrom $525

Chiaroscuro Pavé Spur Stud

Sale priceFrom $420

Baby Spur Hoop

Sale price$350

Baby Spur Hoop

Sale price$200

Spur Hoop

Sale price$230

Spur Hoop

Sale price$475

Inverted Diamond Spur Charm

Sale priceFrom $425

Chain Link Bracelet

Sale price$1,025

Nugget Diamond Ring

Sale price$1,740

Erosion Diamond Ring

Sale price$1,405

Starburst Ring

Sale priceFrom $1,270

Orbit Ring

Sale price$2,615

Jumbo Ball Necklace

Sale price$2,925

Initial Necklace

Sale priceFrom $1,815

Pearl Spur Necklace

Sale price$1,240

Baby Spur Chain Necklace

Sale priceFrom $425

Baby Spur Chain Necklace

Sale priceFrom $2,130

Ennead Necklace

Sale priceFrom $3,355

Mini Ennead Necklace

Sale priceFrom $1,425

Mini Cosmos Necklace

Sale priceFrom $1,425

Mini Star Necklace

Sale priceFrom $1,425

Pavé Spur Stud

Sale priceFrom $435

Half Latch Earring

Sale price$265

Pavé Mini Spur Earring

Sale priceFrom $2,370

Pavé Baby Spur Earring

Sale price$1,700

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