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(Ear) Stacks on Deck

Ear Stacking 101: Your Starter Guide to a Curated Ear Stack

So, you’re finally going for that second (or third! or fourth!) piercing, after a 20+ year hiatus. Congrats! If you haven’t gotten a piercing since your trip to Claire’s in seventh grade, you’re not alone. But just like you, ear stacks have grown up a lot since then--and that’s why we’re here. 

Welcome to Ear Stacking 101: Your Starter Guide to a Curated Ear Stack. We’ll answer your most burning questions, like, “Where does the biggest earring go?” “Ear cuffs? Huggies? What’s the difference?” “Can I put in different shaped studs and suddenly look like an influencer?” You’ll be ready for your (ear) close up before you know it. 

Easy Does It

If you’re new to ear stacking (welcome to the cool kids table!), start by choosing one shape, such as hoops, huggies, or even simple studs. The minimalist approach to stacking never gets old. 

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Setting the Scene

There are many ways to mix and match your earrings, but choosing one consistent aspect is key to curating an oh-so-cool stack. For example, having a gold stud, next to an opal huggie, next to diamonds, allows you to play with earring size and type while maintaining a cohesive look. 

Theme (Ear) Party

In addition to setting, choosing earrings that have a common theme create visual intrigue while telling a story. For example, choosing a flower stud for the first piercing and then a smaller blossom threader for the next piercing plays with color and type while providing consistency through the repeated floral motif. Similarly, pairing a seahorse stud with a smaller starfish stud elsewhere on the ear feels at once whimsical and purposeful. 

Size Matters

Play with the same shape in different sizes, such as a decrescendo of hoops: start with the largest in your first piercing, and then decrease the diameter of the hoop as you move up the ear. Or, choose similar sized studs in the same metal but different shapes to provide a sense of cohesion while mixing it up.  

Color Inside The Lines

To add a pop of color to your stack, consider similar--one in the same--shapes, with varying gemstones.

Hole in One

If the idea of figuring out the full stack or selecting a theme is overwhelming, start with one piece that you’re drawn to, and build around it. Star-shaped gold stud catch your eye? Why not build around a celestial theme? Gold and diamond ear cuff calling your name? Pair with geometric gold and diamond earrings to round out the stack. 

No New Piercings? No Problem.

Want to try before you buy (or rather, before you pierce?) While they may resemble the shape of huggies (who require a pierced ear), ear cuffs are a great way to achieve the ear stack look without committing to new holes in your cartilage. Or try a needle earring that achieves the look of a serious ear stack but doesn’t require multiple piercings.  

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Why Should I Do Ear Stacking?

Ear stacking allows you to mix and match lots of different earrings! Create an ear stack according to your own personal style to stand out from the crowd. Ear stacking allows for endless opportunities to make a statement. If you like wearing earrings on multiple piercings at the same time, this trend is for you.