10 Unique Jewelry Pieces That Are Worth the Investment

10 Unique Jewelry Pieces That Are Worth the Investment

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Filled with material and sentimental value, fine jewelry is a valuable asset in more ways than one. Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum retain their value when cared for properly, making them an ideal investment from a practical POV. That said, a great piece of investment jewelry is more than the sum of its parts; its value lies in the way it makes you feel and the personal bond you develop with it over time.

The way we see it, the best investment jewelry pieces are both luxurious and unique. If you’re going to splurge on an item that you’ll wear every day, it should speak to you on an emotional level that transcends trends—so by all means, throw out the style script and have fun with it. That’s not to say that there aren’t a few classics on our list, like a gorgeous tennis necklace that’s guaranteed to turn heads. This edit also includes pieces that can be personalized with custom engraving and specific stones, making them perfect for special occasions from birthdays to graduations and anniversaries of all kinds.

Below, discover ten investment jewelry pieces that deserve a spot in your collection.

A model wears a stack of diamond tennis bracelets

1. At Present Classic Tennis Bracelet

With its long and glamorous history, tennis jewelry is a smart investment because it’ll never go out of style. The At Present tennis bracelet shines on its own as a statement piece but looks even better when paired with everyday classics, like bangles or link chain bracelets. It’s made to order and can even be customized with diamonds and gemstones of your choice, making it an extra unique choice.

2. Selin Kent Eva Earrings

Known for her precise and unexpected designs, Selin Kent is the designer we turn to for elevated pieces to wear on repeat. These knife-edged hoops are the perfect example of her talent for taking everyday staples and turning them on their head. They may be petite, but with .06 carats of diamonds in their grasp, their impact is far from understated.

3. Akaila Reid Gypset Ring

ICYMI, Akaila Reid is brand new to At Present and we couldn’t be more excited about her designs. With its prominent yellow-gold and green tourmaline set in a chunky gold band, we’ve been coveting this Gypset Ring ever since it dropped. Wear it as a pinky ring, or stack it with Akaila Reid’s pink tourmaline Eternity Band for a watermelon-hued moment.

4. Selin Kent Lelia Necklace

Assembling the perfect necklace stack is all about balancing the length and weight of each chain, which usually means you need to have a few pieces on hand. That’s not the case with this versatile Selin Kent necklace, which is actually three items in one. Wear the chains together to create a long necklace or separately to create a choker or mid-length necklace. The shorter piece also becomes a bracelet! Make things even more fun by adding charms to the circular clasp.

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5. James Banks Design Mini Padlock

Speaking of charms, we’re very into the Code Collection by James Banks Design. This padlock charm makes a beautiful addition to any necklace (like the one above!) and features brilliant malachite inlay. A solitary emerald on the diamond-studded dial functions as the “code” to open this incredible piece.

6. Eriness Signet Pinky Ring

Signet rings are a timeless way to put your stamp on your jewelry collection—literally. We love this chic, modern style from Eriness, which is made to be worn on the pinky. Stack a couple of the brand’s elegant Eternity Rings on the same hand to add a playful pop of color to your look.

7. Lionheart Milano Pinched Linked Drop Earrings

Someone pinch us—these earrings are too good to be true! Embedded with diamonds totaling 1.05 carats, the bold 14K gold links make a luxurious statement without looking over the top. Wear them with a pair of diamond studs if you have multiple piercings, or style them with the matching Milano Pinched Link Bracelet for a truly stunning combo.

A model wears a pair of diamond statement earrings and a diamond tennis necklace

8. Akaila Reid Ridge Edge Button Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are always a strong investment piece, but so many of them look the same. Because they play such a central role in every jewelry wardrobe, it’s our opinion that diamond earrings should be different and exciting. Enter this unique style by Akaila Reid, which teams elongated 18K gold buttons with sparkling oval-cut diamonds. You’ll reach for these every day, but the effect will never get old.

9. EF Mini Diamond Chevron Necklace

Investment jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive—take this classic diamond necklace by EF as proof. Made with 14K gold and studded with a row of small, sparkling diamonds, this piece is sure to be a forever favorite. It’s easy to layer, too! Try styling it with longer chains, like Park Ford’s Petite Revival Necklace or The Stack Necklace by Akaila Reid.

10. At Present Diamond Tennis Necklace

Of course, there are also occasions when it’s appropriate to go all-out. A classic diamond tennis necklace is just the thing to wear for a big event, but once you own it, you’ll find that it works for everyday wear as well. At Present’s exclusive version features 3.25 carats of brilliant white diamonds and looks beautiful when layered with ball-chain and charm necklaces alike.

A model wears a trio of layered necklaces

Your Questions, Answered

Is jewelry a good investment?

Fine jewelry is a good investment because it retains its value over time—not only will it stand up to everyday wear, but you can easily resell it should you choose to do so. Jewelry made from high-quality materials like gold, silver, and platinum has a high resale value and is considered a liquid asset. Some jewelry may even appreciate in value if it includes rare diamonds or gemstones. Plus, compared to investing in art or real estate, the jewelry market is relatively approachable—you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to make a wise (and rewarding!) purchase.

What jewelry pieces are best to invest in?

As long as you’re investing in quality pieces, there’s no wrong answer to this question. Practically speaking, it’s best to invest in core jewelry pieces like a tennis bracelet, diamond hoops, and stackable rings before moving on to special-occasion pieces that you may only wear once in a blue moon. But when the occasion calls for a dazzling statement necklace or a super unique ring, by all means, rise to it!

When should I invest in fine jewelry?

When we talk about investing in jewelry, there’s usually a special occasion involved, like a big anniversary or the birth of a child. But there’s no reason to save the good stuff for major moments—subtle wins deserve to be celebrated, too. Maybe you’ve just started a new job or traveled to a place that left an indelible mark on you. Maybe you’re simply ready to upgrade your jewelry wardrobe, and that’s just as good a reason as any to invest in a piece you’ll wear forever.

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