Jan 17, 2021

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The Start of Something New

Alright gang, listen up: it’s time to retire Mercury in retrograde.

Alright gang, listen up: it’s time to retire Mercury in retrograde. Though we like blaming Mercury for our woes as much as the next astrology fan, we have (happily) suffered through our last one for the year. That means no more attributing missed meetings, miscommunication or broken computers to that planet’s fickle backwards walk. (At least not until January 2021.) Oh, don’t worry–we’re not suggesting you take the blame. Instead, let’s turn to the other celestial bodies out there and see what’s occurring. Luckily, there are a number of other significant (but way less dismal) astrological events appearing in a sky near you before we close out 2020, and we’d like to introduce you to one of our faves: the penumbral eclipse, which is happening November 30th.

The penumbral eclipse differs slightly from your standard eclipse: the Earth, sun and moon temporarily, imperfectly align. The moon is caught in the outer reaches of Earth’s shadow, just outside of the sun’s bright halo. A brief darkness falls over the rugged landscape of our beloved Luna, shadowing the famous craters and hills. It’s not a plunge into black, as with a typical eclipse. As this planetary dance unfolds, we feel it’s impact subtly: a gentle nudge to finally open that door, try that scary thing, figure out what’s stagnant and breathe some life into it. There will be endings, sure, and maybe a few tears over the months that follow, but it’s all for the greater good: the penumbral eclipse ushers in a new beginning. 

Penumbral literally means “a space of partial illumination”–a more perfect word could not describe our place in 2020. It’s been a difficult year, full of challenges and darkness. Ahead of us, though, past the shadow, we see a sliver of light. 

We present our capsule collection New Beginnings, curated especially to honor these moments of light.

Julez BryantMoru Gold Square Starburst

Scattered starbursts of diamonds to bring light as we embark on this new chapter. We love the unexpected satin finish contrasting with the embedded diamonds. 


Kimberly DoyleLucky Charm Band With Stars And Diamonds

Bringing us all the celestial vibes is your new lucky charm and everyday ring.


Pamela ZamoreStar And Stone Id Bracelet

A soft celestial spin on the classic ID bracelet with four bright diamond-set stars and a bold link chain. 


Kimberly DoyleBlue Moon Pendant

This dreamy pendant features royal blue lapis with delicate golden flecks that shimmer in the light, accented by a diamond encrusted crescent moon.


Elizabeth BuenaventuraDiamond Bubble Eternity Ring

Sparkling joy that can be stacked or worn alone. 


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