Sep 25, 2021

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Sapphire: The Stone of Many Colors

Picture this: you’re living in Ancient Greece.

Picture this: you’re living in Ancient Greece. You and your buddies are out late one night after an absolutely epic party for Dionysus, when you decide to lie down on the grass next to the Partheon and stare up at the night sky. “How’d it get that blue?” Agammemnon, clearly in his cups, asks. “A giant sapphire!” yells Aisopos from the other side of you. “It’s what’s holding up the land beneath us, of course. The blue from the stone is reflected in the sky above.”

Now, in 2021, we’re pretty sure this isn’t true (never say never), but ain’t that a lovely thought? 

Sapphires have long inspired this type of fascination and worship; in fact, for centuries, only royalty and clergy were permitted to wear the stunning stones. The precious gem is said to have healing powers (some even thought sapphires were an effective antidote to poison) and they denote strength — in fact, sapphires are one of the hardest substances in the world and can only be scratched by diamonds. What a flex! 

Most well-known for their dynamic blue tones, sapphires are a type of stone called a corundum that can also come in a rainbow of hues: sunshine yellow, bubblegum pink, oceanic teal and everything in between. In fact, the only color it doesn’t come in is true red–because the red version of corundum is actually a ruby.

Lucky September babies get to claim it as their birthstone, but with so many colors available, sapphire is truly the stone that looks amazing on everyone, no matter when their birthday is. 

Pick a color, pick any color! Here are some glorious sapphires to keep you feeling royal:

Meredith Young

Rainbow Sapphire Necklace

Designer Meredith Young’s jubilant necklace is portable;e cheer in a sparkly package. Featuring uncommon sapphires in blue, pink, orange, yellow, green, and violet. 


Enji Studio

Paavo Earrings

Featuring blue Montana sapphires and diamond piled carefully in the crook of a rosy golden curve. Also available in yellow gold.



Revival Column Ring Blue Ombre

With blue sapphires that graduate from light to dark blue, this ParkFord’s Revival Column Ring in Blue Ombre celebrates the many shades of blue the sapphire can take on–making it one of our favorite statement pieces for September.


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