Jan 16, 2022

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Pop of Color 101: How To Add Color To Your Jewelry Lineup

High summer calls for the juiciest gemstones. Designer Jennifer DeMoro shares her favorite ways to infuse your summer look with color.

To celebrate high summer, we turned to our resident rainbow guru designer Jennifer DeMoro for her favorite ways to add a pop of color to sun-kissed looks. Whether it’s a sunset-toned Horizon Bar Necklace or July’s juiciest rubies, here are some tips and tricks to adding some color–even if you’re staying out of the sun. 

Keep It Neutral 

If you’re like Jenn and your wardrobe consists of mostly neutral tones, adding colorful jewelry is a breeze. A cream-colored t-shirt and white jeans are instantly elevated with Sundown Bar or Sundown Swing Earrings. Jenn’s summer earrings motto? “The longer, the better”. 

Color Block 

Another way to approach colored gemstones is by color blocking your whole outfit–jewelry included. 

“Right now I am loving all shades and tones of orange so my jewelry is anything with pink sapphires and amethyst–similar to my logo colors,” says Jenn. 

The Perfect Pair

“I also like to pair my jewelry and outfits for the occasion,” says Jenn. “Date nights with my husband call for lots of color so I usually layer several necklaces together. My favorite combo of the moment is the Chroma Necklace, Horizon Bar Necklace and Solara Sun Pendant. When I am running around town with my son, I keep my jewelry a bit more simplified but still with a pop of color. The Sunna Huggies in Amethyst and the Chroma Illusion Studs are my everyday earrings for summer.” 

Throw Shade

Another way to approach color is by choosing one color such as blue or pink, and playing with different shades. Objet-a’s La Plage Necklace evokes the ocean’s many layers, while The Blue Hour Necklace recalls a summer sky. 

Mood Ring

Just like choosing an outfit, at the end of the day, adding a pop of color through jewelry is really all about your mood. 

This Green Tourmaline Roman Signet adds a pop of the season’s hottest color (green) to your ensemble. Paired with 22k yellow gold, this juicy green tourmaline evokes feelings of abundance, peace, rest and security. 

Flower Power

Just like a field of wildflowers, you’re in full bloom in the summertime. Rock a floral frock and Kimberly Doyle’s Uncanny Bloom earrings for brunch with girlfriends, or pair them back with some cutoffs for your weekly farmer’s market run. 
Looking for some funky flare? Try the Trio Drops from Octave for a subtle hint of floral with some funk.

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