May 07, 2021

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Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This past year has been one hell of a ride, so it makes sense that you want  something special for Mother’s Day. 

This past year has been one hell of a ride, so it makes sense that you want  something special for Mother’s Day.  Let’s face it, you’ve been working over-time for the ones you love.  This Mother’s Day you deserve something that will make you sparkle from inside out. 

Never fear, Mama.  We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you & curated a jewelry selection that will speak to your fierce inner mom.  We even have a “Drop a Hint” feature below each item so that you can give a little *wink wink* to your loved ones about gift giving.  This is a year that you should get exactly what you want (we all know you deserve it). 

Pour a glass of wine or brew a cup of tea & shop for your special day. If you are a loved one shopping for that incredible Mom- extra points to you!  

The Minimalist Mother

Don’t confuse minimal for boring.  Isn’t it interesting that our friends who wear the most stripped down outfits often tend to be the most chic?  For the mom who likes to tone down or amplify their look by layering and mixing more subtle pieces.  Each of these pieces pack a lot of design value for their delicacy.

The “Hard to Please” Mom

Let’s not mince words, you know what you want!  Why not just cut to the chase & get exactly what you desire for Mother’s Day. You already have some great pieces, but want something special this year. Take a peak at the our selections from Objet-a, Meredith Young, or Bleecker & Prince. Select your favorite items and send your loved ones a “hint” via our Drop a Hint tool below the item. Make sure you get exactly what you want this year.

The Statement Making Mama

You might be wearing the simplest black t-shirt or a show stopping blouse, but you loves to mix in the occasional statement making piece to elevate and define your look. Each of these pieces uses color, texture, or stones to create a vibe but all are surprisingly wearable.

The Playful Mom

Thank goodness for this mama. Even during lockdown, you retained your sense of humor and still appreciated a little whimsy. For the lady who was first on the tie-dye train, something colorful and playful helps show your appreciation for the fun to come. Wink at your S.O. and let them know what jewelry makes you smile.

The Traveling Mama

It’s been a rough year for you for sure. You’re the one who refuels by getting out of town and exploring new places with the ones you love. Some of your  most treasured memories have come from those adventures. You love to shop for your trips and wear jewelry that makes you shine.  Since travel is looking more promising, treat yourself to something new for your day.

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