Jan 16, 2022

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Mixing Metals 101

A Started Guide on how to wear rose, yellow and white gold, platinum and silver– and look cool while doing it.

Wearing a silver bangle with a gold charm bracelet may sound counterintuitive. You should stick to one metal color, right? 

We’re here to tell you that we’re total mixed metal fans At Present. Similar to how your chic French friend wears black and navy and makes it look cool, there are some simple tips and tricks to making your mixed metal jewelry lineup look intentional. Welcome to Mixing Metals 101. 

1. Layer It Up

Whether it’s necklaces, bracelets, rings or an ear stack, we’re all about layering–especially when it comes to different metal colors. Try stacking rings in different colors of gold, or mix up your yellow gold bangle stack with rose gold. Adding different hues to stacks looks purposeful, and helps curate a look that’s all yours. 

2. Finding The One

Incorporate a single piece that uses different colored metals like a trinity ring, or op for the same piece in multiple metals, like the Troika Trio Ring in yellow, white and rose gold. Having that one piece or duplicates of the same piece in different colors anchors your mix-and-match, allowing you to play with metals throughout the rest of your jewelry lineup. 

3. Balancing Act

When it comes to mixing metals, try to find a good balance of different metal colors. If you typically wear all gold rings, try incorporating a white gold or platinum ring into the mix if you also plan on wearing white gold or silver bracelets. That way, the different colored ring doesn’t look like the odd man out: instead, it blends with the overall look. 

4. Time to Shine

While we’re all about a rubies and emeralds, if you’re just starting out experimenting with mixing metals, keep your palette neutral with yellow, white and rose golds, platinum, silver–and some diamonds for good measure if you’re feeling fancy. Without colored stones, your metals do all the talking; it’s their time to shine. 

5. Put a Ring on It

If you wear an engagement ring or wedding ring, we love the look of mixed metals on this important finger. If your engagement ring has a platinum band, try a simple yellow gold band in a slightly different width. By incorporating different metals on your ring finger that you rarely change up, you set yourself up to easily mix up the rest of your jewelry palette.

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