Jul 27, 2021

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July Horoscopes: Time to Shine

With things heating up this month, we’re bringing the bling.

Welcome to July, a month of fireworks, lazy days, and sun-soaked fun. With the new moon in cancer rising on July 9th, emotions may be running high, but not for long: the sun enters Leo on July 22, and we all know what that means–(pool) party time! It’s your time to (quite literally) shine–and we’re here to help. 

For our second edition of Horoscopes, we’re bringing the bling–and what better time to add some sparkle than high summer. Not only do we have your July Horoscopes, but also the baubles to match what’s coming your way.

You may be prone to extra anxiety and stress early this month, but the stars are granting you full permission to take care of yourself however you need to. Indulge in your favorite things! 

Amethyst is known for its calming qualities, which could come in handy for you this month. Try the Grape Amethyst Pendant. Wearing it around your neck will be a good reminder to take a deep breath whenever you need it.  

It’s almost Leo season! Time to ring in your birthday month accordingly. Invite everyone, because trust us, no one is easier to celebrate than you–you glow girl! 

This Pamela Zamore Ray Pendant shines almost as brightly as you do. It goes great with that birthday outfit you’ve been dreaming of all year, and also with a bikini. Talk about the perfect summer stunner, Leo! 

Be careful of any miscommunication mishaps this month, Virgo. Stay cool, calm and collected and everything will work out. Just don’t forget to double check for typos. 

Protect your energy with an evil eye, like the Gold Evil Eye Studs. Maybe drop a hint to a friend that you have your eye on them: legend has it that evil eyes bring about luck when gifted. 

Time to speak up, Libra. Whatever injustices have been bugging you, it’s time to set the scale back to balanced. Honor this equilibrium through your jewelry: these swingy White Topaz and Diamond Earrings evoke a sense of symmetry and balance.

Hey Scorpio, now’s a good time to give your bank account a little attention. Set a budget now, because your social life looks like it’s going to boom later this month. If you find that you have a little extra wiggle room with your finances, treat yourself to a little something to celebrate the return of social gatherings–like the Linear Chain Claw

Jupiter, your ruling planet, is changing signs this month, meaning it’s a good time for honest communication and maybe even an apology. If you’re correcting a past mistake, maybe say it with a gift. Trust us, it usually doesn’t hurt. 

Check out Octave Jewelry’s selection of colorful, modern pieces with a whimsical touch.

Time to start breaking down walls in your love life, Capricorn. Expect things to go a level farther when you’re more comfortable with vulnerability. Look for something romantic while you’re shopping this month, like this dreamy-yet-cool Lavender Pearl Set

A new moon is happening in your sign this month, Aquarius, and it’s happening right after the start of social Leo season. You’re more of a social butterfly than ever during this time. Try a piece that transitions nicely from day to night, so you don’t have to miss any happy hours in between. This gold White Sapphire necklace takes you from work happy hour to date night and everything in between. 

It’s time for less stress and more excitement, Aries. Get out and discover something brings you joy, Pisces. You’ve earned it. 

Channel that joy into bright colors, like the Over the Rainbow Stack

Hey Aries. We won’t sugar coat it, this month could be a tough one in the first few weeks. Lean on friends, practice extra self care and have patience with yourself. You’ll come out stronger, just in time for Leo season, when social outings and festivities are sure to be in abundance. 

Pro tip: treat yourself to some shopping now so you’ll have looks you can be excited about going out in later. Try something fun and colorful like the Revival Nouveau Turquoise Necklace

There’s a spotlight on your love life this month as your ruling planet Venus moves into Virgo. You’ll find some clarity on what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to dating. Treat yourself to these Diamond Rosette Earrings to celebrate a moment of personal triumph. 

Hey Gemini, it’s going to be a busy month for you, but the new moon in Cancer is about to bring up all the cozy homebody energy, prompting you to prioritize self care. Try the Mini JuJu Heart Charm Necklace, perfect for when the only way you want to see people is on Zoom.

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