Dec 07, 2021

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Gift Guide

Holiday Preview: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Get a head start on your holiday shopping with these custom pieces made just for you by our designers.

While mid-October might seem crazy early to start thinking about the holidays, this is the time to get a head start on your wish list and gift list. Some of our favorite gifts are the ones that take the longest to make–that’s why we’ve put together our first Gift Guide pre-Halloween! Here are the types of gifts that require a headstart on shopping; trust us, it’s worth it.

Get Personal

Personalized gifts like engravable pendants and golden word charms make the best gifts. Since they’re totally custom, these pieces are crafted just for you–and require a little extra lead time. Pro tip: while gifting a person their own name or name of a loved one is always a great gift, we also love the idea of a special mantra or word.

Letter Perfect

From dainty huggie charms to heavy pendants, a letter–be it someone’s first initial, or that of their significant other or child–is a perfect way to incorporate meaning into a gift. We love the idea of starting a collection of letter charms when someone has their first baby, or wearing three of the same stud in different piercings to create your whole monogram.

Ring it On

Fun fact: many designers don’t keep every ring in every size in stock, so when you order a specific size, the ring is made just for you. Keep this in mind when ring shopping for holiday gifts–the time to order is now!

Set in Stone

A special way to make a piece of jewelry unique is by incorporating birthstones of people you love. This also takes some time and thought, and our team is at-the-ready to help you design a special gift!

Need some help putting together your holiday shopping list? Schedule an appointment with Rachel, our jewelry concierge, to talk all things jewelry and gifting.

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