Aug 19, 2022

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Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: Gwen Myers

Eden Presley’s Gwen Myers on jewelry as art, mantras–and her organic journey to jewelry designer

When Gwen Myers made herself a mantra bracelet with her daughter’s name, Eden, on it, the last thing she imagined was that it was the first piece of her future business. 

“I made this piece for myself that I really liked,” Gwen remembers. “My girlfriends kept asking for their own. I never set out to create a collection.” 

But with her signature Mantra Bracelet and then Celeste Rings soon in high demand, Gwen began to create castings of her designs. 

“I’m not a jeweler,” Gwen clarifies. “So I just figured it out as I went.” 

With a career in restaurants and hospitality before having her three children, jewelry design may appear to be a total 180 for Gwen. But she was always really creative, and even went to art school for performing arts. 

“I was always artistic,” Gwen says. “I always had a good sense of color and the stuff that I liked, but I never thought I would do something [professionally] with it.” 

After designing custom pieces for friends for a number of years, Gwen was back in her hometown of Miami–she now lives in New York–and walked into a store in Bal Harbour. She was naturally drawn to the curation of the store–she laughs thinking about the Dolce & Gabbana baby dresses. Similarly, the store was drawn to the jewelry Gwen was wearing, and asked if they could carry it. 

“It was so natural the way it happened,” Gwen recalls. 

Perhaps it was fate that Gwen was wearing a number of her designs that day in Bal Harbour: despite now having a flourishing jewelry business, Eden Presley, she still rarely sports lots of pieces–her own, or otherwise.

“I’m not someone who wears a ton of jewelry,” she says. “I love [jewelry] more for the artistic part of it: it’s something to look at, [rather] than something to adorn myself with. It’s almost like a painting.” 

When she does wear jewelry, she’ll sometimes put on one of her necklaces, at other times a bangle–she likes it stacked with a Cartier Love Bracelet. She wears her mantra pendants with her name and her kids’ names, but typically she’ll choose rings if she’s going to wear more than one piece at once. 

“I like to say to myself, “would I be happy to wear this in 10 years?”” Gwen explains. “I [want my designs] to be classic and well-made, but also whimsical and fun.

“It’s important to surround yourself with beauty…Not just beautiful things but beauty, things that make you feel something, that remind you that you’re awake, and that you’re not sleepwalking.”

“It’s important to surround yourself with beauty,” she adds. “Not just beautiful things but beauty, things that make you feel something, that remind you that you’re awake, and that you’re not sleepwalking.

“I like to think I’m adding beauty to somebody’s life,” she continues. “If they select something I made, it means it makes them feel good when they put it on.” 

With stunning, saturated stones, meaningful mantras, and unique approaches to shape and color, Eden Presley pieces really are works of art–and add a touch of beauty wherever they go. 

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