Aug 19, 2022

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Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: Emily Faith Strauss

EF Collection’s founder on her fine jewelry journey

When Emily Faith Strauss started EF Collection nearly 10 years ago, she set out on a mission to make fine jewelry more accessible. 

Afterning interning for a well-known fashion brand, Emily found herself at a common crossroads post college: what was she going to do with her life? 

She thought about what she was good at–which was putting accessories together. She was naturally drawn to more refined, delicate jewelry–but saw a hole in the market for fine jewelry that was also approachable. While she isn’t trained in jewelry (she was an art history major), Emily was always drawn to both art and fashion–which jewelry marries. 

“I realized I wanted to design my own stuff,” Emily remembers. “I forewent carrying other designers, and went forward with [my concept] of approachably priced fashion fine jewelry.”

Emily sold her first EF Collection at her local hair salon, organically building a direct to consumer business, while simultaneously building up her social media following. A few years later, she landed her first wholesale account, Shopbop–and soon after, major retailer Bergdorf Goodman. 

“At the time, I didn’t have a team–I was doing everything myself. I never slept. I loved it,” Emily recalls. 

“At the time, I didn’t have a team–I was doing everything myself. I never slept. I loved it”

Fast forward eight years to today: Emily now leads a team of fifteen, and EF Collection is sold at more than 250 specialty stores and major retailers across the country. Still, her vision hasn’t changed:

“I create designs that I want to wear,” she says. “There’s nothing that we produce that I don’t believe in.”

And Emily isn’t the only one who wants to wear EF Collection’s signature delicate, layerable designs. With 170K Instagram followers and famous fans like Kendall Jenner and Charli D’Amelio, Emily has clearly hit on an aesthetic that resonates with both celebrities and the masses.

While her core collection still features her original dainty, gold-and-diamond staples, Emily is excited to keep growing her brand while honoring her aesthetic. 

“When we first launched enamel, it was something completely new,” Emily says. “It was something I was testing. I love how you can incorporate the color[ful bands] with delicate diamond bands.” 

Her new heart collection is another foray into color: with sapphires, rubies and emeralds, these colorful pieces are still dainty enough to pair with her core collection.

Last spring, Emily and her husband experienced unimaginable tragedy: they lost their son to Polycystic Kidney Disease. After receiving so much support through her EF Collection community, including from a fellow NICU mom, Emily launched Angels 4 Austin to provide small comforts to other NICU families around the country, and to raise money and awareness for PKD. For more information, and to support Angels 4 Austin, please visit EFCollection.com 

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