Statement Sisters

The powerful duo behind Lizzie Fortunato’s colorful optimism 

Statement Sisters

Who is Lizzie Fortunato?

Twin sisters Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato create whimsical accessories that showcase seemingly disparate materials while celebrating diverse places and cultures. Their colorfully optimistic designs feature ahead-of-the-curve accessories that are influenced by fine art, travel, vintage pieces, and artisanal craftwork.

With bold, uplifting colors and a mix of natural and found materials including stones, leather, and vintage charms, Lizzie Fortunato designs have the power to transport the wearer to Morocco, India, Japan, Italy, Mexico, and beyond, and have graced the pages of Vogue, Vogue Spain, and British Vogue.

The cause-driven New York-based brand offers statement and fine jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that carry an undertone of the unexpected, meant for those who dress with the purpose of telling a story. 

How it started

Launched eponymously in 2008, the brand was born out of a Lower East Side of Manhattan walk-up apartment with the support of a $10,000 Goldman Sachs bonus check Kathryn gave Lizzie on their 24th birthday with the instruction to “follow [her] dreams.” 

In 2010, Kathryn joined full time to power the brand with the sisters’ combined talents: Lizzie’s flair for the creative and Kathryn’s background in economics. 

The sisters first discovered the glimmer of possibility that could be drawn from these combined skills during their shared time at Duke University, when they turned Lizzie’s handmade jewelry hobby into a profitable business.

The Brand's Mission and Inspiration

Lizzie and Kathryn think of their creations as coveted “art objects” that are worthy of being displayed and enjoyed even when they’re not being worn.

The brand’s mission is to create products that tell a story and champion intentional production, with a dedication to producing only what they know they can sell. The pieces are luxurious because of the sum of the materials and time that go into each one, and their one-of-a-kind nature. 

Prioritizing the integrity of their products, team members, and vendors over exponential growth, the materials used in the collection are rare, recycled, and remotely sourced. So when a piece sells out, it’s typically gone for good.

Creative Women's Network

Lizzie Fortunato is passionate about using their platform to champion fellow forward-thinking females, which is why they created the Creative Women's Network. The Network began as Creative Womens’ Dinners, which were a way to connect the voices of other female entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, and activists from across the country.

The Creative Women's Network provides a space for good food, great conversation, and friendship fostering, and a community in which strong, creative females can share advice, mentorship, and support.

Their positive impact radiates beyond the confines of the network by paying living wages, producing locally, consciously maintaining a small footprint, and directing financial resources to causes including education, environment, maternal health, food equity, voting rights, and social justice.

Shop the Collection

Shopping the collection supports Lizzie Fortunato’s efforts to bring new life to stories and cultures that came before. We’re always here for that!

From our curation, the Monument Ring, Arc Cuff, and Provence II Necklace boldly celebrate color and mixing materials like large baroque pearls, kunzite, gold-plated beads, and freshwater coin pearls. 

If you’re inclined to choose something slightly more delicate but equally joy-inducing, the New Bloom Pendant is a subtle single-strand natural rainbow fluorite beaded necklace with a stunning carved mother-of-pearl flower pendant set with tanzanite stone.

For a statement-maker that falls somewhere in the middle, the Vinca Flower Necklace features a stunning periwinkle starfish pendant set with sky blue topaz and dark citrine semi precious stones, surrounded by yellow jade with tanzanite and turquoise accent beads.

Explore the entire collection to add a colorful jolt of color that can elevate your mood and your look with the close of a clasp. 

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