A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart

Heart Jewelry Reimagined

We’re used to seeing a deluge of made-for-Valentine's-Day jewelry as the date approaches—the uninspired response to the call of clichéd romantic gifts. But this year is different. The storied symbol of affection and connection has a new lease on (love) life that will last far beyond February 14th. 

Heart-shaped jewelry has undergone a transformation that brings modern reimagination to the universal symbol of love. Where cheesiness and traditional gift-giving expectations used to reside, sculptural silhouettes, bold textures, and abstract interpretations have moved in with limitless freshness in tow. 

Pen yourself a much-deserved love letter each day of the year by incorporating shiny signs of affection like these designs from The Heart Collection into your daily jewelry wardrobe.


Starting sweet and small, the heart-shaped Annika Inez Gold Plated Voluptuous Heart Earrings are made of sculpted, 14-karat gold plated sterling silver that elegantly cup your earlobes. Also available in silver and in two sizes, they tug at the heartstrings of a wide audience. 

The Gold Plated Heart Hoops from the same collection are inspired by modernist sculptural silver and position the heart at a different angle on the ear, paying a more subtle homage to the standard shape. 

Amp up the interest of your ear stack with the sterling silver Annika Inez Heart Earcuff. If there’s anything sweeter than a heart and a hug wrapped up in one we have yet to find it. 

Show some love to a pop of color with the Gem Heart Studs, available in aventurine, mother of pearl, and quartz. They lay gracefully on the lobe and catch the light at just the right times. 


For a reinvigorated take on the locket concept, we give you the Voluptuous Heart Necklace. It’s a bold and billowy take on the classic pendant and can be stacked or be the star of the show. 

On the topic of stars, the untraditional chain you’ll see in the Annika Inez Gold Plated Heart Necklace. The modernist sculptural heart strung perfectly on silk cording provides a unique blend of simplicity and risk-taking. The design gives off a laid back signal of love, wellbeing, and femininity with smooth, curving surfaces that invite touch. 


Put a ring on it yourself. The Bigger Heart Ring knows bigger is better and wants the world to know. The sculpture-inspired design showcases love discreetly with unapologetic style.

And venture away from silver and gold  with the hand-formed CLED Heart Signet Ring. It’s repurposed from discarded glass and comes in six eco gem colors that act as the perfect backdrop for an engraved heart symbol. 

As if you needed any convincing to add these pillowy angles and impactful designs to your cart, the Heart Collection emanates love in ways beyond the hardware. For every purchase from the Heart Collection, one hot meal is donated to a refugee family through the charity Choose Love.

Flaunt that heart of gold on your sleeve—and your neck, and your ears, and your fingers—every day of the year.