May 07, 2021

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Big Sean Looked Incredible in Loren Nicole at The Grammy Awards

We can all agree the best part of any awards season is the chance to see amazing, weird, horrible and wonderful fashion.

We can all agree the best part of any awards season is the chance to see amazing, weird, horrible and wonderful fashion. (This is a statement of fact, not an opinion.) And while this awards season, adapted to the current circumstances, has been revelatory in its own way — who will forget Jeff Daniels zoom-ing into the Golden Globes from what appeared to be a windowless guest room? — it’s also been pretty tame on the fashion front. Sure, a few celebs have posted photos clad in stunning looks, but it’s a much different vibe than seeing them on a red carpet. Would Anya Taylor-Joy have been able to sit for several hours in that killer green Dior dress? We think not!
Last night’s Grammy Awards toed the line between the old world and new by having a mostly remote ceremony save for a small coterie of big name guests who, frankly, seemed eager to get out of the house for the first time in a year. And the clothes were pretty good! But… the jewels were better. And, while there were some notable looks, like Harry Styles’ bejeweled fingers and Beyonce’s shoulder-grazing Schiapperelli earrings, the clear winner was rapper Big Sean. His perfectly tailored black tux and lux shawl-cape were accessorized with a stunning assortment of Loren Nicole jewels. The combination of lush high-karat gold and dreamy pastel cabochon gems popped beautifully against the black fabric. Loren’s designs are modern takes on classical references, that suit any era or style, so while they are stunning with a formal look, they (somehow, miraculously) also look incredible paired with something more casual.

Whether you’re rocking a tux or a tee, you can take inspiration from Big Sean’s use of color, metal and shape to make basic black pop with some Loren Nicole jewels of your own:

Loren NicoleCharm Bracelet

An array of colorful gemstones, including tourmaline and tanzanite, dangle from 22k hand-formed links in this glorious statement bracelet.


Loren NicoleGreen Tourmaline Roman Signet

For a little while longer, we’ll probably be rocking sweatshirt chic (not complaining!) but this ring can literally make pajamas seem stylish. It’s like a magic wand. A bottomless green tourmaline is complemented by the bright, simple setting and the subtle sparkle of six accent diamonds.


Loren NicoleAquamarine Charm

If you love the idea of Big Sean’s gemmy necklace but want to go a little simpler, this aquamarine pendant strikes the perfect balance. This oceanic gem will pop on a black T-shirt.


Loren NicoleRoman Band

Awards show or grocery store? You could be going to either with this bold golden statement ring!



Loren NicoleKingdom Earrings

Big Sean went minimal on the earring front, which we respect, but we all know there’s nothing like a statement earring to bring some more drama to a look. We especially love these Mediterranean-inspired danglers crafted in 22k gold and accented with pink pearls.


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