May 22, 2022

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About Us

At Present is about inspiring womento embody their present.

Welcome to At Present.

We are Marc and Monica, and we started At Present to connect extraordinary independent jewelry designers with women who want something different.

We called our company At Present as a reminder (to ourselves as much as anyone else) of the meaning to be found in the here and now.

The present isn’t perfect. But it never is and that is part of its beauty. When we embrace the present with awareness of both its imperfection and its impermanence, we celebrate our authentic selves. Where you are right now is enough and is deserving of expression. Life is not about singular moments or impossibly high places, it’s about the journey and stopping to mark your own victories.

Marc is a 5th generation jeweler who grew up in his family’s jewelry store in Seattle, Washington. He loves distinctive jewelry but saw how hard it was for amazing designers to find the women who would fall in love with their pieces. At the same time, he noticed the market was littered with uninspiring jewelry and found that most women never encountered the really good stuff. Marc conceived of At Present to bridge that gap.

Monica has spent her career at the intersection of style, technology, and creativity. She started a tech incubator in New York City and helped grow entrepreneurial style businesses in the architecture and interior design world. She knows how hard it is for independent artists to find customers and build sustainable businesses and believes there should be a better way.

We want At Present to be the gathering place for discovering and sharing extraordinary jewelry. It is a joy to meet inspiring designers and we are honored to showcase their work.

We love to talk jewelry (or existentialism for that matter), so please reach out with questions about our collections, suggestions of amazing designers we should know, or to just say hi. We’re always one click away in the little round bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Cheers to you. Cheers to now. At Present and Always.

Marc Bridge and Monica Chambers

We’ll help you wear your story out loud.